Thursday, September 8, 2016


The national project „We are the moving generation!” initiated by PRAIS Foundation team is mainly aimed at creating a large active community of teenagers who assign quality time to performing physical and sports activities along their colleagues, teachers, friends, family, and thus promoting a balanced lifestyle. Within the past several days, as part of an exciting road show there have been awarded the winners of the second edition, gathering 170 high schools in 14 cities and 2 localities across the country: Bucharest, Ploieşti, Timişoara, Cluj - Napoca, Braşov, Codlea, Făgăraş, Predeal, Râşnov, Rupea, Săcele, Victoria, Zărneşti, Bran and Feldioara and Prejmer communes. More than 28,000 high-schoolers signed up in the annual competition.

The 100 events organized throughout the school year accounted for a great opportunity to activate thousands of pupils and teachers. More than 150,000 materials were disseminated to 75,000 high-schoolers and 2,768 teachers.

In Bucharest, 29 high schools registered physical and sports activities performed by volunteers on the portal. The 1st prize was awarded to “Griviţa” College of Engineering-Mechanics, the 2nd place went to „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Theoretical High School, the 3rd place and the Fair Play award to “Gheorghe Lazăr” National College. Special awards were also offered to “Henri Coandă” Technical College of Aeronautics and to “Costin D. Neniţescu” Technical College.

“We are currently living in an age when access to technology, internet, as well as living in urban areas have dramatically reduced the time we spend for daily physical activities and sports, which are so necessary to the human body. Inactivity has major effects on the health state of the young generation and beyond. Following the study conducted prior to the launch, and along with our partners and volunteers to whom we are grateful for their particular involvement, we decided to contribute to changing teenagers’ lifestyle habits to better, by setting out a good practice example focused on the internationally-acknowledged methodologies we implement”, declared Silvia Bucur, President of PRAIS Foundation.

1,342 physical and sports activities were registered on the project’s portal, totaling 1,502 hours of movement and sports. Also, 23 open lessons organized in high schools engaged more than 1,800 pupils, members of the Students’ Councils, members of the teaching staff, renowned athletes from the Romanian Football Federation, Fencing Federation, Dance Sports Federation, volunteer students from UNEFS and Brasov Faculty of Physical Education and Mountain Sports. As part of the Gymclass competition, 530 high-schoolers created 33 videos, while 398 rallied and created 14 flash mobs. The project’s community was supported using the campaigns rolled out via the portal which had more than 65,500 views, while the official Facebook page registered an audience of 1,143,730 persons and gathered 15,066 likes. The YouTube channel, where videos made by pupils were posted, gathered more than 100,000 views.  

This social marketing project is based on the findings of the study “Teenagers’ lifestyle habits” conducted by PRAIS Foundation in collaboration with the Sociology Department of the Faculty of Political and Administrative Sciences within SNSPA.

The partners of the projects are: Bucharest, Prahova, Braşov, Timiş and Cluj School Inspectorates, UNEFS, Braşov Faculty of Physical Education and Mountain Sports, Timişoara Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Cluj-Napoca Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, “Ioan Kunst Ghermănescu” School of Coaching, Romanian Fencing Federation, Romanian Football Federation, Romanian Federation of Dance Sports, Romanian Federation of Body-building and Fitness.

„We are the moving generation!” - is an educational project scheduled to be implemented throughout 3 years. This project was developed based on the grant awarded by the Coca-Cola Foundation to PRAIS Foundation, following the annual selection of projects organized at international level.

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