Thursday, September 8, 2016


PRAIS Foundation celebrates this year close to its partners 5 years since the launch of “I’m living healthy too!” - SETS national movement, by organizing a roadshow of awarding ceremonies dedicated to the most active “SETS Clubs – Movement and fun” in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Ploieşti, Roman and Timişoara. This year alone registered 67,856 primary-cycle pupils who signed up to be part of the project. In Bucharest, we celebrate 6 winning schools which joined together more than 1,600 pupils volunteers to create and activate “SETS Clubs – Movement and Fun”, coordinated by 100 members of the teaching staff: SPORT IS FUN Club, Şcoala Mea Theoretical High School in district 1: SPORTIS Club, Gymnasium School no. 62 in district 2, CAMPIONII M Club – Gymnasium School no. 88 in district 3: RILĂ ŞI PRIETENII Club – Şerban Vodă Gymnasium School in district 4; COCOŞEI VOINICEI Club – Mircea Sântimbreanu Gymnasium School in district 5; MAGNET DE SĂNĂTATE Club – Marin Preda Theoretical High School in district 6.  

The SETS community has been rallying so far 136,700 1st-4th grade pupils, 252 schools, 2,800 members of the teaching staff, 300,000 parents and more than 2 million people in wide audience. A record number of 18,104 volunteering pupils created and submitted 415 “SETS Clubs – Movement and Fun”, carrying out 8,372 physical and sports activities. The pupils discovered the importance of performing physical activities on a daily basis, the good taste of fruits and vegetables, the importance of hydrating, sleep and personal hygiene, as well as of relaxing by playing, alongside family and friends.

“SETS anniversary edition marks 5 years of awareness, education and constant activation of pupils with a view to promoting a balanced lifestyle, based on a holistic approach: mind, body and spirit. We will continue our country-wide endeavor benefiting from the support of SETS Scientific Council, our institutional and private partners, and alongside the 200 volunteers who generously chose to be part of the national alliance holding us together. We proved that we can contribute to preventing child obesity, we can provide the young generation with role models who can positively influence their lifestyle habits. Thank you all for your support!”, declared Silvia Bucur, President of PRAIS Foundation. 

SETS national movement communicates with the young generation and their families using its solid social media platform comprising portal, SETS Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram accounts.

SETS national movement is an active member of EPODE International Network – EIN, the world’s largest obesity prevention network, reuniting 43 programmes with similar methodologies in 30 countries, such as: France, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Australia and New Zeeland. All results achieved by SETS are monitored through OPEN cross-countries project.

The partners of SETS movement are: Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Health, Bucharest, Cluj, Neamţ, Timiş and Prahova School Inspectorates, Faculties of Physical Education and Sports of Cluj-Napoca and Timişoara, the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, National University of Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest, Romanian Federation for Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic disorders, Romanian Society of Nutrition and Metabolic disorders, Romanian Fencing Society, Romanian Federation of Dance sport and Romalimenta Federation via 4 member companies - our private partners.