Dance Energy

Dance Energy, launched by Razvan Mazilu and PRAIS Foundation in February 2007, was a cultural social responsibility project developed nationwide.

Programme objectives

The programme aimed at raising awareness among the public with regard to the poor material condition of choreography high-schools and raising funds for their endowment with teaching materials meant to create better learning conditions for the pupils. Furthermore, the project aimed at promoting contemporary dance and the young talents who study this art in the Romanian schools.

Project development:

 The project started with the Extraordinary Contemporary Dance Performance, ”Razvan Mazilu and Friends”, which took place on March 12th, 2007 on the stage of the Romanian Opera House.

"The DANCE ENERGY Project, and implicitly this performance, is a unique way to draw the attention on contemporary dance as an important form of art, addressing everybody, regardless of nationality, age or profession. In particular, we want to provide art lovers with the opportunity to support ballet high-schools, which find themselves in a very difficult material situation. The excitement felt in the response of our guests to this initiative convinces me that the performance will be a very special artistic event, which hopefully will become a tradition in Romania", said Razvan Mazilu.

„Over the last 6 months, PRAIS team voluntarily worked with Razvan to turn this special CSR project into reality. The concept, graphic identity, partners to support our cause, acceptance of renowned artists to join us – every step we made was stud with emotions. If you feel the magical energy of dance during the performance, it means that we have succeeded”, declared Silvia Bucur, President of PRAIS Foundation.

Bucharest National Opera Hall
Razvan Mazilu’s guests included: Talia Paz dancers from Israel, Claudia Martins and Rafael Carriço from Portugal, Monica Petrica and Adrian Stoian from Romania, soprano Felicia Filip, actress Maia Morgenstern, Johnny Raducanu, A.G.Weinberger and Mihaela Radulescu, as presenter.

DANCE ENERGY was possible due to the involvement of Bucharest National Opera House and sponsors: Prigat, Vodafone and Volvo, which decided to support this cause. The event benefited from the support of JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel, Beta Impex, Mihaela Marin – photo, Bernard Ionescu and Marina Macarie – graphics and Toni Cojanu. Media partners: Evenimentul Zilei, The ONE, Radio Total, Time Out Bucuresti, VIP, and 24 FUN.

Programme promotion

The „Dance Energy” project was focused on campaigns to communicate and promote the performance ”Razvan Mazilu and Friends” to the wide public – by street posters and letters to the journalists.
The „Dance Energy” project was launched in February, with a press conference, following which a press release was issued which generated wide media coverage. 
The Extraordinary Contemporary Dance Performance – March 12th, 2007 - ”Razvan Mazilu and Friends” was also preceded by a press conference. Following the development of the performance, the funds raised were used to equip “Floria Capsali” Choreography High-School, the total amount, as well as its usage, being communicated in June 2007.

Project results:

PRAIS Foundation and Razvan Mazilu donated five Petrof cabinet pianos and 32 DVDs with classical and contemporary dance performances to “Floria Capsali” Choreography High-School from Bucharest, in the total amount of 55,977 RON. The teaching materials were purchased with the funds raised following the Extraordinary Contemporary Dance Performance, ”Razvan Mazilu and Friends” .

Three media campaigns were developed to implement this project and generated significant media coverage. The total value of rate cards was 35,359 EUR, of which rate cards for the written press in the amount of 28,289 EUR. The total number of readers was 698,489.

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