"We are the moving generation!" is a social marketing project having as main objective to educate and activate adolescents - high schools students and their families, to practice physical activities and sports, to have a balance diet, thus changing their lifestyle behaviors.

PRAIS Foundation launched the national program We are the moving generation!”, foreseen to be implemented over a period of three years and targeting students from the 9th and 10th grades in the high schools from cities across the country. The program implementation is based on the methodologies developed by EPODE International Network, has 13 public – private partners and aims at informing and educating adolescents, their families and the public at large with regard to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, with accent on daily physical exercise and sports. This initiative is possible due to the grant received by PRAIS Foundation from The Coca-Cola Foundation following its selection of local projects, organized internationally.

Over 75,000 students participating in the program “We are the moving generation!” have received this year a free educational brochure, containing information and advice about balanced diet and the benefits of daily physical exercise. Several activities were organized in schools, consisting of debates, open lessons and direct engagement of pupils, animated by role models: reputed athletes from important sports federations, students from UNEFS (National University for Physical Education and Sports), actors, dancers and opinion leaders.

“We are the moving generation!” came to life after more than one year of research and evaluations done by our foundation in the adolescents universe, in order to create an attractive community for them, a balanced lifestyle environment, a stimulating alternative to their day by day life. Without the generous support of Coca Cola Foundation, our program Private Founder, this initiative could not came to life. We are trustful that, working together with our partners we will enlarge this project in other Romanian cities, for the following 3 years” declared Silvia Bucur, PRAIS Foundation President.

The information channels are governed by the portal, integrated with all social media channels. Quizzes, online thematic competitions and the Grand Competition between high schools will engage the students and inform them about healthy lifestyle, the importance of daily physical exercise and a balanced diet. In 2016, 170 high schools form 14 cities and 2 localities across the country (Bucharest, Ploieşti, Timişoara, Cluj - Napoca, Braşov, Codlea, Făgăraş, Predeal, Râşnov, Rupea, Săcele, Victoria, Zărneşti, Bran and Feldioara and Prejmer communes) have become part of the „We are the moving generation!” community, by subscribing to the portal and registering activities within the Grand Competition between high schools. A thematic competition: FILM #GYMCLASS, encourages students to film and submit their classroom exercises warm up, started with exciting prospects!

“We are delighted to be supporting the work of the PRAIS Foundation to help Romanians lead more healthy and active lives. As a company, we have a history of working with partners and programmes that we know are successful in helping people maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. This includes working with community-based programmes such as the PRAIS Foundation and the broader EPODE International Network to address both sides of the energy balance equation, tackling nutrition and activity together. We believe support through this partnership will make a significant difference”, declared Wouter Vermeulen, Public Affairs and Communications Director, Health and Wellbeing at Coca-Cola Europe.

In order to assess the impact of the program, PRAIS Foundation has applied a questionnaire on a relevant sample of high schools, having 996 respondents which will be the basis for a sociological research on the lifestyle habits of 9th graders in Bucharest and Ploiesti. The results of the research was published in March 2015, and can be consulted here.

The institutional partners of the project are: Ministry of Youth and Sports, 2 School Inspectorates: Bucharest and Prahova County, 2 Students’ Councils from Bucharest and Ploiesti, Mayoralty of Ploiesti, National Education of Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest, Coaching School „Ioan Kunst Ghermănescu”, Romanian Body-Building and Fitness Federation, Romanian Sports Dance Federation, Romanian Football Federation, Romanian Federation Sports for All.

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