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The national movement “I’m living healthy too!” – SETS, , launched by PRAIS Foundation, for a period of 5 years, 2011-2016, aims to prevent juvenile obesity and promote a healthy lifestyle among Romanian families, in a holistic approach: mind, body, spirit. 

“SETS movement in Romania is a very active member of the Epode International Network” – EIN, , the largest global network for obesity prevention, which gathers together 43 national programs with similar methodologies in 30 countries, including: France, Belgium, Spain, England, the Netherlands, Greece, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Israel, Australia, New Zealand. 
EIN was designated by DG SANCO as "Best Health promotion European project". The interventions within “I’m living healthy too!” – SETS movement in Romania are recognized as a best-practice model within EIN”, declared Silvia Bucur, President of PRAIS Foundation.

SETS community has been rallying so far 136,700 1st-4th grade pupils, 252 schools, 2,800 members of the teaching staff, 300,000 parents and more than 2 million people in wide audience. A record number of 18,104 volunteering pupils created and submitted 415 “SETS Clubs – Movement and Fun”, carrying out 8,372 physical and sports activities.

The pupils discovered the importance of performing physical activities on a daily basis, the good taste of fruits and vegetables, the importance of hydrating, sleep and personal hygiene, as well as of relaxing by playing, alongside family and friends.

In all the schools with primary grades involved in SETS movement, PRAIS Foundation provides the pupils with extracurricular educational books free of charge, to promote daily physical exercises and a balanced diet, Olympic sports – values and role-models, in addition to informative materials, based on which the educators deliver lessons within extracurricular classes, throughout the school year.

“SETS Clubs – Sports and Entertainment”, are voluntarily organized by the pupils, under the coordination of the educators. Organized voluntarily, the physical and sports activities done during their free time are registered in the annual competition of the most active clubs on, the movement communication platform, where children, as well as parents and the public at large can constantly find out information.

With the support of sports faculties, volunteer students have delivered open lessons on an annual basis, presenting to the children the sports they practice and exercising together with them. Within the partnership with SETS, 300 UNEFS Bucharest and FEFS Cluj Napoca students voluntarily deliver annually over 240 open lessons, sports demonstrations, becoming true role-models for the pupils.

“We are delighted with the long-term partnership we have with SETS movement in Romania, as part of EPODE International Network (EIN). Our message is that obesity can be successfully prevented, an evidence hereof being the results obtained by our members who succeeded in the communities where EPODE methodology has been applied for years. We are happy that the 2013 European Obesity Forum took place in Bucharest, as a recognition of the efforts that PRAIS Foundation, together with all its local and international partners manage to make for the prevention of juvenile obesity”, declared Jean-Michel Borys, EIN Secretary General.

EIN supports the importance of the Public-Private Partnership globally. Thus, the partners of SETS movement are: Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Health, Bucharest, Cluj, Neamţ, Timiş and Prahova School Inspectorates, Faculties of Physical Education and Sports of Cluj-Napoca and Timişoara, the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, National University of Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest, Romanian Federation for Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic disorders, Romanian Society of Nutrition and Metabolic disorders, Romanian Fencing Society, Romanian Federation of Dance sport and Romalimenta Federation via 4 member companies - our private partners, who are consistently supporting child obesity prevention and EIN methodologies.
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